Monday, June 8, 2015

The Baby Geese

 Four little brown eyes followed me down the street.
I can't imagine me trying to take pictures of the
baby geese while holding the leases of two barking-crazy westies. 
 My side of the garage is filled with furniture so I'm
banished to the driveway.
 The parents are on high alert.
 Lots and lots of baby geese feeding in the grass.
It looks like a bumper crop of babies this year.

 The pack is headed into our new neighbors yard and I'm
assuming that they will be wondering into our new yard
as well.  I told Wilson it's going to be so cool to sit on
our porch and take pictures of the wild life wondering
through.  This may be more interesting that living
in Bozman!  I also spotted a neighbor fishing in the pond.
 I see a lot of Robin Red Breasts in this neighborhood.
 I might have gotten a little close for comfort as
mom is leading the babies back to the water.

 Wilson and I started a list of plants we want.
We will need our landscaper to do some
of the heavy work in the fall.  Stay tuned.
 Walking back to the rental.
I feel like I've 'arrived' in civilization {not that Bozman was
bad - it's just nice to see people and be so close to things
in general ... like the supermarket!}.
Have a nice one and thanks for checking in.

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  1. how fun to have wildlife so close. I would love to move a little further away from civilization :)