Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Sleepy Time

 Julep just finished dinner and is taking a post-meal nap.
 I just found a lump on the back of Julep's front leg.  We have a
9:30a.m Saturday vet appointment to determine what this is.
The lump appeared within 24 hours - I know this because 
I brushed her completely yesterday and it wasn't there.
I am hoping it's either a wart or she just scratched her skin and
it's crusted over.  If that's the case I'm worried about a
secondary infection.  If it was a tick it would have fallen
off but in any event we will know what's going on tomorrow.
It's always something with these little white dogs!

 The lump which is the size smaller than a penny is above the upper 
knee joint which is a hard place to scratch or bite.  
Sleeping Josie
Josie loves her quilt as you can see.  She is the young lady
aspiring to be a pastry chef.  Josie sent me a box
full of chocolate chip cookies she made and I admit they
are better than mine.


  1. I found the same thing on Finlay's upper chest near his leg this wasn't there last night. I think it was a mosquito bite....he is allergic to them, I think.

  2. Please give an update after the appointment. Paws crossed everything is fine.

  3. Hope it's nothing serious. It's always scary finding something out of the ordinary on our little furry friends

  4. Oh, dear--poor little Julep. I hope it's nothing serious. Let us know how she is.