Monday, July 20, 2015

What's New Around Here

 Friday we had the rental power washed.  It was in bad
shape and the owner gave us permission to have this done.
The guys did an excellent job and Barb our next door 
neighbor ask them to do parts of her exterior while here.
These guys worked their butts off.
 Look what I received in the mail.  Helen [a dear blogger-friend]
made these for me to keep or donate.  Not being a selfish type I will
decide on one to keep [that's going to be a difficult choice] and in
the fall I will donate to various rescue auctions.  See
how creative and talented Helen is by visiting her blog at:
 The westies did spend time out in the heat yesterday on the
screened porch but no evening 'walkies' down to the new house.
 Just let me sleep.
The Master Bathroom
 Saturday we spent hours in a tile store to see what we could see.
We are trying very hard to save the marble tile floor in the
master bathroom so we are sticking with a gray tone shower
and bath tile.  We picked the tile on the right.
 Westie seal of approval.
 While at the tile store I pulled a few wallpaper books to bring home.
We are still undecided if we will use wallpaper or not in the house.
This one [and the one below] would be considered for just one wall 
[behind the bed] in the master bedroom.

 Paper consideration for the powder room.  The true color in
gold [look at the bottom of the picture you will see the gold tone].
 Another shade variation of the paper above.
 If we wallpaper the upper portion of the chair rail in the dining
room we are considering this but probably in the color below.
 It's hard to tell but this has gold glitter scattered throughout.
 Did I hear the UPS truck?
 Let me go check if Mr. Brown Truck is here.
 I'll check from upstairs.
On Tuesday we are breaking out of St. Michaels for an 
over-nighter.  We have Rebecca staying here with the westies 
while we head up to Longwood Gardens.  It's water lily blooming
 time and we want new pictures.  It will also be good for us to
de-stress a little and do something beside debate on new
house improvements.  


  1. All the scarves are very cute! I really like the blue one in the bottom left. :)

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Nice blog friend....the scarves are so pretty! LOL Finlay has to be the first one at the door every time. He hears the UPS/FedEx truck down the street and starts barking. Then he huffs and puffs if they don't stop at our house!