Monday, September 7, 2015

Getting the Jump on Quilts for the Grandkids

 Since we are in [what I call] the 'flux' stage of moving
into the new house I decided to get the jump start on
Thanksgiving quilts for the grand kids {Kaitlyn & Cole}.
I was told that the kids already have the Halloween quilts
I made them last year on their beds.
 I spent the good part of yesterday scrubbing 
the grout in the master bathroom with Clorox. 
Today I took the day off to play with fabric.  
 I like this quilt layout for larger print material.  
This one is for Cole who is 6.  His quilt needed some 
cuteness but not to much if you know what I mean.
I started the same quilt pattern for Kaitlyn which
I will finish cutting out on Tuesday.  Kaitlyn informed
her mom that it's time to give away all her princess 
stuff so here again I'm walking a fine line with
what they will like and what they will not.
An Appliance Update
I'm happy to report I decided on the Maytag brand
for a washer and dryer which we purchased [on sale] from
Lowes.  They were delivered on Sunday afternoon
as well as the big-boy freezer Wilson picked for the garage.  
It was starting to drive me mad reading reviews on LG's,
GE's and every other brand you could think of.  The
deciding factor in picking Maytag was service which
{if needed} can be provided from our local furniture/appliance store
Higgins and Spencer.  We also decided on the 
KitchenAid {side by side frig} for the same reason - service.
We still need bathroom mirrors.  Wilson found and ordered 
a beautiful gold chandelier for the breakfast area.  Our list is getting shorter
on items we need {as well as our pockets are getting lighter}.

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  1. Very nice quilts. That fabric in the second one with the fox is really cute