Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I Forgot To Show You These!

 Just ... Julep
 Gnomes & Mushrooms
In all my business I forgot to post the pictures of all the
other stuff I finished.  I'm exhausted cleaning the new 
house and wish I could cuddle on the sofa with this quilt.
 I have a lot of Christmas fabric so I'm working my way
through my stash.  I love this quilt and I know who's
home it will be going to.
 Kaitlyn's Christmas quilt.  She told Mommy Sarah she's not
into the princess/Frozen stuff anymore ... so I made this quilt
using fun fabrics.  Both Kaitlyn and Cole love to put 
seasonal quilts on their beds.  I was told by Sarah I need
to make quilts for Valentine's Day & St. Patty's Day.
 This quilt is made with more adult fabrics with a sprinkle of
cuteness.  I like this block pattern so you will be seeing it again.
 Little Scottie's ... a set of standard pillowcases.
And here we are ... back at Julep.
I finally got her face shaped to a more 'westie look'.
We are trying a new groomer next week and I hope
she doesn't screw the head shape up.  

I've been cleaning the new house and finally finished 
all the kitchen cabinets.  I did manage to bring over 
a few more boxes from the storage unit which I
dumped into the garage for now.  I also vacuumed
 the entire house to get the dust up and now I need to
vacuum the area between the tack strips {the things to
hold the carpet in place} and the wall - that I'll have to
do with a hand-held vacuum.  The carpet is on
schedule for install next Wednesday and we are ready
to schedule the delivery of the refrigerator and our
new king size bed.  We are still debating on what type
of blinds we want.  Wilson has the upstairs measured
and we know this will take a chunk of money even if
he installs them vs. [say] Next Day Blinds.  

We MAY have a couple to rent this house - we are
waiting for several things to fall into place [or not]
before we set the date with the professional mover.

Signing off for another day of hard labor,

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  1. Always love seeing your quilts. They are so nice. Good luck with the new groomer