Friday, October 30, 2015

Two New Rugs and a Little Construction Update

 The second rug was delivered today.  We are still trying
to figure out if this will go into the breakfast area or into
the dining room.  I'm thinking breakfast area.
 Wilson ordered the 12 foot hall runner.
I let him pick this out and it blends nicely
with both rugs.  He also went to 'Next Day Blinds'
and ordered blinds for all the windows.  They
should be installed mid-November just prior
to our move in.  I'm also looking at drapery for
the master bedroom and I think I found what we
both like from Country Curtains.
 The guys worked from 8 to 4 today finishing up the
framing.  Inspection for this step is scheduled for
either Monday or Tuesday.  I think the decking material
is on order and should be delivered soon.
 Wilson put on Scott's weed and feed on the front and
back lawn.  I love our view and can't wait to do
the back landscaping.  I'm assuming due to the rain
this week our landscaper is behind so hopefully he'll
show up next week to do the front.  I have spring bulbs
I need and want to plant.
I've been moving stuff over to the new house all day.
Clothing, winter coats, shoes, sewing stuff, kitchen stuff
you name it ... I've moved it.  So to get in a little sewing
time I decided to forgo the TV programs for tonight and
sew.  This pattern is called "Charming Fractions" designed
by Kari Nichols.  It's simple and I don't really have
to do much thinking with this one.

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  1. everything is moving along nicely. Won't be long before this phase will all be just a memory