Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Rather Long Post

 I've been trying to write this post since yesterday but
things just kept getting in the way.
 I made these pillowcases for a flash give-a-way on my Facebook
 I like to set my group apart from any other group on
Facebook by doing an occasional give-a-way.  We
deal with some serious health issues and some
are pretty intense ... thus this is my way of lifting up
the spirits of the group.
 This set of pillowcases is headed out to grand daughter
Kaitlyn who fell in love with this fabric.
 We are the only house on this side of the street to have
bright holiday lights on the porch.
 An early Xmas present for Wilson.  He purchased a
75" top of the line Samsung TV with a Polk sound bar.
Merry Christmas, Wilson!
All the men in the neighborhood are a little jealous.
 All the deck screening is finally done.  Dog screening on the
bottom and normal screening on the top.
 We received a defective fan so it's going back and another
is on it's way.  The gutters along the front of the addition
need to be installed, then the flood lights will be put up.
 Julep didn't have a problem going through the doggie dog
but Derby does [even with a treat in hand - he wouldn't
go thru].  I'm sure he'll get the hang of it once he sees
Julep go thru a few times.
 I vacuumed the deck today to get up all the tiny 
pieces of wire, mud and misc. wood chips.
 The addition of the puppy [or child proof] fencing did not
arrive yet.  It hooks into this fencing in some way.
We don't want Derby to try and get through the fence
when other dogs come walking down the path.
Better safe then sorry ... as they say.
Men at work on Saturday afternoon.
 This is really a nice addition to the back of the house.  All the 
neighbors came by to take a look.
 The screen doors are being custom made and should be
here on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

 We are still hanging pictures and mirrors
and getting organized slow but sure.
 The guest powder room.

 I watered the landscaping a few days ago.  The spring
iris are up about 4" in this crazy warm weather.
 Well, the new front door and storm door have been sitting
in the garage for several weeks now just waiting to be
installed.  Wilson picked out the set from Warren's Wood
in Easton.  This door will be replaced with a solid door which will
give us a little more privacy from the neighbors.
 Derby ... I've scheduled him to have a slight grooming
on Friday.  His coat grows so much and with the new groomer
she was leaning on the side of caution in the last cut
which I appreciate ... but ...
Well, that's it for today ... hope everyone
is enjoying this holiday season.


  1. Your deck looks amazing. I bet you'll get a lot of use out of that and the westies will certainly love going out there.

  2. I love seeing all that you are doing to the new house. We have a doggy door and Hunter loves it.
    Have a great week!