Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dear Santa

 Dear Santa,  Derby was a good boy this year
so please bring him a big bag of treats.
Westies soaking up the sun. 
There's nothing new to report from around the
new house so I thought I'd share a few pictures.  
 I'm not crazy about this oil painting Wilson
purchased while we were living in Potomac.  We
didn't hang it in Bozman [or the rental] but strangely it has
found a [not so bad] spot on the wall in our breakfast area.
Photo's from around the kitchen. 
 Wilson thinks he died and went to heaven with this
Viking gas cook top.  I like it as well.
 We are still working out the bread and dog
treat area on the counter top.
 The other pair of curtains came in and Wilson hung
 them on the two side windows.

 Julep caught on in a snap and is not afraid
to go out and come in at will.
 Derby on the other hand will follow Julep directly
out so he doesn't have to push on the panel or he
will wait until I hold the plastic panel up for him.
 We had this coat hook set-up in the rental house and we liked
it.   Wilson went to Lowe's and found the hooks already
mounted on the board - it took him a few minutes to put up.
 Today I did a bunch of sewing and Derby kept me company
in his bed under by cutting table.
 Sunday we are having our next door neighbors over for a
steak, potato, and corn pudding dinner.  Heidi is having 
 major jaw surgery right after Christmas and she
won't be able to eat solids for about a month post-surgery
due to her jaw being wired shut.  Yikes!  We wanted to have
 them to dinner as a sorta last meal.

 This is one handsome westie!
That's it for today ... happy holidays
from our home to yours.

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  1. I think even if Derby hadn't been a good boy, Santa would still bring him lots of good things. He's just too cute.