Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dirty Westies

 Monday was a nice mild weather day so Wilson and I decided
to take the westies for a walk around the ponds behind our
house.  Of course we knew the trails would muddy with puddles of
melted snow ... but westies are a tough breed and the loved it.
  They came home with muddy fur, sticks and leaves stuck in their furnishings
and muddy faces from smelling everything ... they were happy.
 I had to post this photo of Facebook because some of my
friends commented along the way they never never ever
see my westies with a speck of dirt.  It was off to the shower
for a good bath and a trim up and blow dry on the grooming table.
The after 'the bath' crash meaning ... don't
bother me 'cause I'm exhausted.  The boy sleeps

... As for today ...
I'll be working on some pillowcases for the
kids for St. Patty's day and starting on the
dreaded tax prep paperwork.  In between that I do
have 3 quilt tops pieced together so I be 
pulling fabric to decide on the backing.  


  1. Good to see your Westies got out and enjoyed some puddles. We are covered in snow here and Hunter just goes out to take care of business. I'm impressed you groom the pups yourself; did it take a long time to learn. With the continuing upwards costs of groomers, I'm thinking of trying to learn how to do it myself. Plus I've got a grandson who is getting a Standard Poodle and will be grooming his dog himself.
    Have fun sewing, that's where I'm headed now.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. I bathe Finlay every time he gets dirty. He doesn't like to get dirty! Derby is just worn out, poor baby!!!