Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Easter Box: Kaitlyn & Cole

... The Grand Kids ... 
The Easter box arrived in California yesterday.
Mommy Sarah took pictures to show me how
much they love getting a box full of goodies.
I forgot to mention to Sarah it was on the way
so it was a surprise all around.
 I put $20 in each of the chocolate bars and not
in the card {I put Easter stickers in the card}.  I knew
 they knew there was going to be cash someplace.
 Cole with the cash!
Kaitlyn ... how do you like those curls?
 Sarah said they wanted to change out the St. Patty's 
Day quilts early. She is making them wait.
I'm tossing around in my head the next project
for the grand kids.   I want to spell out Kaityln 
and Cole using the Moda letter patterns.  This
would actually be a long and narrow runner
for the foot of each bed ... but first I have 
several projects started I need to finish first.  

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  1. Those are some happy faces. They definitely liked their package.