Monday, March 21, 2016

The Mini Rag Quilt

 I had it stuck in my head I wanted to try my hand
at making a rag quilt ... so I pulled out the flannel and
cut some 8" squares.  This picture is after I sewed them together.
Notice the seams are side up.  Once I clipped all the edges 1/4"
it was time to toss it in the washer.  Everything was fine up to
that point - quick and easy.
The issue is the mess it made in the dryer.   To achieve that
'ragged' look you need to snip the seams, wash it and
dry it.  I needed to stop the dryer every 5 minutes to clean
the lint screen.  Even though it's a cute style of quilt I 
won't be rushing to make another one soon.
 Marinna's Room
Marinna's mom {Sherry} sent me pictures 
of the quilts I sent her as gifts.  
In Marinna's Easter box I sent a small tub
of pink, purple, and yellow sprinkles with a note
saying when she comes to visit her grand parents
during the summer we can bake cupcakes.  
Sherry said Marinna gave her orders not to dare 
use the sprinkles because she's bringing them back
so we can use them when we bake cupcakes.  
It sounds like a fun time to me.

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  1. I've always loved the look of rag quilts. I made a super small place mat size one a while back