Thursday, April 14, 2016

Julep & the Book Quilt

 The westies love to run up and down the hallway
when they play.  Funny how neither one figured
out they can look through the railing to keep a watch
on the yard.  We still have one goose hanging 
around so Wilson and I are assuming there's a 
nest with a female sitting on eggs close by. 
 The single yard of book fabric that's been in my stash
for years has finally found a home.  This quilt
is made using the same pattern I made 
the kids Easter quilts from.  
 I made this quilt specifically for a writer who is helping
Wilson with the new issue of the Delmarva Review.
While Julep naps ...  my current projects are
* Finishing the binding on two quilts
* Making a bird themed quilt for Wilson's YMCA trainer
* Making a quilt [thank's Chris] and three pillowcases
for the Bayside Quilters Outreach program
 and hopefully ...
* Later in the week [if the ground warm's up] we can get plants
placed in Wilson sun garden

1 comment:

  1. Love that quilt.
    I just entered a sweepstakes that you should enter. It's called the Stella flyaway sweepstakes. You win a trip to a quilt show in November. I read about it on Sew we quilt. You can find the entry on Stella lighting dot com