Monday, April 18, 2016

Yard Work

 Yesterday we put all the plants in Wilson's sun garden.
It doesn't look like many but it is.  We know one or two
won't make it but we have plans to add some sun-loving
annuals to the bed once these plants get larger.
 The natural grasses at the edge of our property must be kept
in that state - community rules.  We also planted 20 stargazer and
casablanca lilies in the bed next to the house.
It was a productive garden day.
 The second cherry planted is now starting to bloom.  
 Holy smokes does this community have bunnies!
I had Wilson count the new plants this morning to make
sure they were all there.  Of course when Derby sees any
bunny he makes this high-pitched 'bunny bark'.
 In the neighbors yard.
 While we lived in Bozman I could count on one hand the 
number of blue birds I saw.  Here they are everyplace.  We think
it has to do with the grasses and meadows.  I snapped this
picture while talking on the phone with my sister last 
night so it's not as clear as I would like.
I'm leaving on a jet plane. . . last night's sunset
I didn't see the plane until I looked at this on my computer. 
We may not be leaving on a jet plane but ... we will be
leaving soon for a week in the Outer Banks.
I'm counting down the days until we escape from
the land of pollen to the land of nice ocean breezes.


  1. Love your blogs, especially the puppies. We can't have pets because our grandchildren have terrible allergies, so I get my fix by ready your blog. I remember seeing a red cape your sister made for an American Girl doll. I wonder if there is a pattern for this?

  2. after all that yard work I would need some lazy vacation days :)