Sunday, May 1, 2016

First Night in Duck on the Outer Banks of N.C.

 We left St. Michaels in the rain, drove through a little more
rain and then it stopped someplace outside of Norfolk, VA.
By the time we arrived in Duck we saw a little sun.
 Checking out the upper deck.
 On this side of the house there is a nice pathway to a
public pier so folks can enjoy watching the sun set. 
 Sunset Day 1
The weather reports don't look promising for the rest of the week.
We have our fingers crossed the reports will be wrong.
 A young couple watching the sunset with their dog.
 Of course Julep & Derby spotted the dog strolling down the path
 which got their little black noses out of shape.
They are waiting to bark.
 Osprey with Fish
Just as we started to unpack I noticed the osprey having
a fresh fish dinner.  Wilson took some great pictures
that I'll share in another post.
Well, that's it for the first night in Duck.  Monday we'll be having
lunch at John's Drive-In which is known for fresh fish sandwiches and
hand-made milk shakes.  For dinner we'll be joining friends
at the Rundown Cafe.   On Monday's [only] the Rundown
has fried chicken as a special.  We hear it's excellent and gets
very crowded.  Be on the lookout for food pictures tomorrow night. 

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