Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's A Rainy Tuesday

 Wilson and I took the westies for a nice walk late yesterday
afternoon.  While we didn't think it was that hot the westies
look said otherwise.  Since these dogs are such 'low-riders'
[meaning low to the ground] due to short legs they take the
brunt of radiant heat coming off the pavement.
 Lunch at John's Drive-in
This is a funky little place and a kick-back in time.  I say
that because it has a 'dated' look and they still make
milk shakes by hand [which are to die for BTW].  Wilson
ordered the dolphinfish boat [Mahi-mahi] and I wanted to try
the chopped BBQ pork sandwich.  Both items were
excellent and since it was warm out we ate in the car
with the a/c running.  Wilson shared a tiny amount of
fish with the westies.

 Wilson's Mahi-mahi boat with vanilla milkshake.
 After lunch I dropped Wilson and the westies off at the house
so I could pop into the shops down the road at leisure.
One of the shops I make a point to to in every year is
called the Sea Dragon Gallery.  The owner was
there and I over heard her say she had two small dogs
to another customer.  Of course I had to ask what they were-
 a westie and a shelty.  We had a nice
conversation and I directed her to my Facebook group
 Yesterday was a perfect weather day.  Today, it is not!

 The pond in the shopping center grow big turtles!
This is our rental and yes the driveway is steep.
Not great for Wilson's knee but he's a trooper and
uses the ice pack after a walk.
We can see signs this house is in need of work by
the rental company/owner.  I doubt if we will
stay here again.  Our friends are renting the house two
doors down from us and we may try that one next time.
Now just four houses from our rental is the house I would
l-o-v-e to rent if I can get the owners to approve
pets. That may be possible since the owners approved us
when we stayed in their property called BeBe.   
To see Starry, Starry, Night use the link: 

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  1. I was going to ask if you were staying in the same house you were in last year. Now I know,
    OH WOW, I just went and checked out that link. That is an awesome house