Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mr. Rabbit Ears

 Did I mention that Wilson is calling Derby Mr. Rabbit Ears?
The new groomer trimmed his face fur shorter which made his 
ears stick out.  I think he looks cute.  
While on the subject of rabbits ....
 Last night we heard a scratching inside the downspout
on the side of the house.  The dogs were going crazy so we
thought it was a bird that fell down the spout from the roof
and got caught.  Wilson got his work gloves and started
to bang on the spout to try and move whatever down.  Well, after
the banging by Wilson and the barking westies it turned out to be
a baby bunny the size of my palm.  This baby came out of the 
spout butt-first and I wish I had my camera.  Now the baby has 
taken up residence under our deck and is eating our lilies.
 Yes, I'm guilty!
 While we were enjoying the evening out on the deck last night
{after the bunny incident} I noticed the eagle on the house across
the pond.  It wasn't until I downloaded the photo's that
I saw the second eagle sitting on the chimney.  
 All those black 'spots' you see in the trees are black birds.
 Derby taking a nap while I was talking on the phone to my
mom last night.   He has to be with me - everyplace.
 Who came first ... the ducks or heron?
 Wilson planted the two pots we have on the brick patio.
I finished planting the other pot we have on the
front porch.  Today I also went to Lowe's for potting
soil and came home with a trunk of plants.  I'm not sure
what is a worse addiction ... fabric or plants!


  1. Hi there, I loved the photo of the Bald Eagles-we have them here and they are so majestic. Derby looks cute with his face and ears trimmed. I love your plants-in fact, you are making me want to go out and get some. Better not, been spending too much $$$ on fabric.

  2. So many things to comment on in this post--I like Derby's haircut; the photo of the Eagles is fantastic; and the saga of the baby bunny is very exciting.