Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's Thursday: Part #1

  Last night we had a small dinner party because we had a
turkey that was screaming to get out of our freezer.  
 Someplace in this house I have a box of napkins which I
couldn't find to save my soul ... so I decided it was easier to make
a set of 8 from two yards of fabric than to keep searching for
that box.  These were so easy to make I have plans to
make a scottie holiday table runner with a set of matching 
napkins for one of the rescue auctions.  
As an fyi these auctions do very well.  I contributed two
items to Westie Rescue in Tennessee ... a set of flannel scottie
pillowcases {went for $33} & one fish tote bags {went for $20}.
The final tally for that auction was close to $12,000!
 I'm having trouble with Blogger and/or Verizon
so that's why I divided today's post into two parts. 
  Our dinner was a pretty typical of what we cook for
Thanksgiving.  Everyone loved having comfort food
in the middle of summer so not much was left over.
 Our neighbor made his mothers recipe for chocolate 
chiffon pie for dessert ... it was excellent!

 We just picked fabric for the dining room box valances.  
Our interior designer suggested this instead of full length drapes 
due to the corner cabinet being in that spot.  He was concerned
that the curtains could not be pushed back off the window.
 Flowers from the yard.

Flowers from the grocery which I made into a center piece.

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  1. Love the napkins and your table looks so pretty.