Friday, July 29, 2016

Mission Accomplished!

 The boy went to the groomers this week for a bath
and clip.  It's amazing to me how they want to bake in the sun
during this hot weather.  Time limit - 5 minutes.
 Julep after being outside in the heat ... she's trying to cool
off under my sewing room ceiling fan.
 I'm glad my floor fabric is going to good use.
 Holy smokes - 7 quilts finished + 2 table runners.
This one I'm planning on giving to our friends {AJ & Bob's}
daughter {Lisa} who will sit the westies when needed. 
AJ & Bob recently lost their poodle and decided to rescue
a mother and son miniature white poodle when the owner
moved into a nursing home.  
 Quilt Back...stupid me miscalculated and made this bigger
than normal so I had to enlarge the back by adding a center.  
 Holiday quilt front and ... below is the back.

 Same quilt but different back.  I'll keep these until
fall then give them to the neighbor to give to the grand kids.

 Close-up of the quilt below.

 This is the pattern I pulled off the free table at one of 
the Guild meetings.  

 Table runner with a set of four matching napkins.
 The second one I made is just like this ... one I'm keeping
and the one with napkins will go into a rescue auction.
 Working through my dog material ... I still have
more than I care to of doggies.

All the quilts are pressed, measured, and put away
in plastic bags just waiting for . . . 
I started another project today using one of the patterns
designed by Jenny of Missouri Star Quilt Company.
I already have the 2-1/2" strips sewn and pressed -
now to cut, layout, and sew back together.

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