Monday, August 22, 2016

# Pound # Cake #

 Before I talk about my next quilt block I just had to share
this adorable photo of Julep and Derby.  It's rare that I get
both of them together in such a good picture.  In case you
didn't know ... they have the same mom but different dad.  
 Since I'm still in a 'sewing with batik fabric mode' I found this
pattern that calls for using [basically] scrap pieces.
 This pattern is called [if you haven't guessed already]
Pound Cake by Sweet Jane.  I love this book and have
made several of her patterns.
Block #1 ... Completed  
I only have to speculate how designers come up with
pattern names.  This one is pretty easy - the pattern is a pound
# sign and you can use a 'layer cake' {which in quilters
language are 10" squares of fabric}.
 With the storm that blew through the mid-Atlantic last night it left 
behind perfect weather for the next 2 days.  Wilson and I are sitting on the
porch drinking our coffee.  I'm doing a blog update
and he's catching up on yesterdays New York Times.  All the
while the hummingbirds are zipping back and forth to the
feeders and a large flock of sparrows are flitting through the yard.
Enjoyable ... totally enjoyable.
 I know some of my blog followers have dogs.  As you may
[or may not know] I'm a big believer in supplementing any
pet's diet.  These are a few of the ones I use to help
support Julep & Derby's immune system and skin.  If you have
any questions, please ask.  I would be happy to 
share my knowledge with you.

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  1. aw, love the picture of Julep and Derby. They sure are lucky pups to have such a caring mom :)