Monday, October 3, 2016

Just Derby

 Derby knows when a large piece of fabric goes on the floor
another quilt is in the works.
Christmas scraps of fabric.  I'm seriously trying to decrease my
leftover pieces of fabric.  So far I've eliminated Halloween
and Thanksgiving.  I've been in a cleaning out mode.
 Find the westie!

 Crazy dog or he has an itch on his back.  What do you think?

 When God made Derby he broke the mold!

Derby said he'll be my fabric Sherpa anytime.


  1. LOL Derby the fabric serpa! Love it! Look at his sweet little face. I love starting my Monday seeing his sweet little face!

    Finlay is a stink bomb. He's visiting Barbie the Groomer tomorrow! (Thank God!)


  2. Oh Derby you are so adorable.