Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Arrival of 2 New Trees

 We were wondering what Derby was barking at ... it was our
landscaper and his truck in our backyard.  Todd is bring in
the replacement cherry tree that died in late spring
as well as the addition of ginkgo tree.
 Wilson's order of 6 grasses arrived just in time to have
the guys plant them while they were adding organic matter
to the gardens to try and improve our mostly clay soil.
 We are still watching the Japanese Kousa dogwood.  It was stressed and 
we're not sure if it's the soil or the extremely hot summer weather.  
If it dies - we'll replace.  After blooming the Kousa produces a fruit
which are a pretty pink/red soft spiked orb.  The fruit itself is surprising
sweet.  Some say it tastes like mango.  When the fruit
ripens it's then picked and made into jelly and even wine.
 Wilson watering the 3 pink/vanilla hydrangea's we planted
last week as well as the 6 new grasses just planted.  We are
still waiting for a weeping wisteria tree for the opposite
end of this bed and that should finish this garden up.
 In goes the ginkgo and just to the left is the new cherry.
Our lawn service guy will have to do a little more 
maneuvering when cutting the back grass.  We're still
waiting for a mimosa tree to place on the other side
by the 3 crepe myrtles.  It's for the hummingbirds [of course].
 The side the mimosa will be on.  Between the crepe myrtle and the 
flower bed - then I think we are done with planting trees.
We love our trees and our gardens - just enough and
not to much to take care of.  All the bulbs are planted
around the back of the house and would you believe
some of the Dutch Iris are up about 2 inches!  I'll
take a photo just to prove it later today.

Today's project ... go to JoAnn's and get some fake
garland to swag along the front porch railings.  I actually
put up the Xmas lights on the porch yesterday and just
don't like the look - so I'm going to change that today.
I have the small pencil pre-lite Xmas tree up by
the front door.  Still need a few more gold decorations
for it then I'll take a picture.

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