Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Just Another Day

 The morning drill for the westies is breakfast then it's off to
 to snag a few rays of sun by the front door.  This also serves
as the command post to watch for dogs encroaching into
their territory.
 I finished my snow owl blocks just for Derby to take a nap on.
 This little lap quilt is ready to be quilted and bound ...
then it's mine - mine - mine!
Simple Blocks Works 
I finished this holiday quilt in record time for my 
mom.  I think it's one of my favorites of this year. 
It's actually a little smaller then I normally make
because she just wanted to toss it across the sofa. 

 Another ... simple is good quilt.  This went to one of
the ladies who works in our post office.  I'm not sure
of the circumstances but her son and his two children
moved back home with her.  This is for the little
girl who is 5 years old. 
Hope your holidays are merry & bright.

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