Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Week So Far

 So far this week I have done zero sewing and only popped
into my sewing room to water my plant.  I've been a
driving fool ... Monday morning I was off to Annapolis to visit
my doctor for the yearly physical and blood work.  Results
are in and everything looks ok.  Tuesday was a drive
into Baltimore to take Mom to the doctors since she has
what I had about a month ago - a nasty head cold.
Wednesday I drove back into Annapolis to have my hair done.
Since I was sick in January my appointment was cancelled.
Now on Thursday I'll be heading to Hobby Lobby in
Salisbury with a neighbor ... thanks goodness she will
be driving ... Friday ... I'm hoping to stay home and sew.
 Now after that boring litany I only have to show you
my latest fabric delivery from Hancock of Paducah.  
All on sale at a really nice price.

 The nautical fabric was the real reason I placed the order and
the rest of the fabric was to make it to the level of free shipping.
I like the fact the designer provided a nice selection of solids 
to blend with the boats and fish.  
 I have no set quilt pattern in my mind for the boats and fish
yet but something will come to me.
It's nice when you get a free fat quarter slipped in your
order.  Now I'll have to figure out what other fabrics
will go with the horses.

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  1. That sounds like a lot of driving. Hope you enjoy some sewing time tomorrow. Great looking fabrics