Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day Dinner Table

 Julep waiting for everyone to arrive.
I was so busy I forgot to take pictures of our guests
when they arrived as well as the food.
 The dining room ... decorated and ready for our dinner party.
 Wilson and I decided on a comfort food dinner party.
Roasted turkey, ham, smashed potato's, corn pudding,
stuffing, cranberry sauce, tossed spinach salad and
parker house dinner rolls.  Our neighbor baked a cake
for dessert and also shared a bottle of Ice Wine from their
wine cellar with everyone.  Talk about a sweet wine which 
you can only drink a tiny amount of.
 It's nice to have a little something for guests to take home.
I found the Godiva cups at BJ's after Christmas sale for $5.00
for a package of two [2].  Now that was a real deal since
the original price was $20 for the 2 pack.

 Derby secured his place under the table waiting for food
to drop.  The westies had a little taste white meat turkey. 
Today I plan a low-key day of putting stuff away and taking
down Valentine's Day decorations.  If I'm lucky I'll even
get in a little sewing.  I've already picked out a pattern 
and the next group of fabrics I want to work with.  

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  1. Your table looks so pretty. Glad to hear Julep and Derby got to taste test the turkey