Monday, March 20, 2017

Me ~ Myself ~ & ~ I

 After I had my tooth extracted {a more accurate description would
be ... after I had my tooth yanked out of my mouth} I had a 
little pity party for me ... myself ... & ... I.
 I could have saved a boat load of money if I yanked it out myself
plus I would have had a boat load more fabric sitting on my shelf.
 So me, myself, and I had a little pity fabric
buying party.  This took my mind off the 
pain for a short period of time. 
 Bright and happy fabric created by Jane Sassman.
I love her designs and color combinations.
 This is what I already have by Jane and I don't know
what [or when] I'll make something from all this. 
For now I'll add the new fabric addition's to the
 existing ones and put the box back on the 
shelf for another time.
 This kit was on sale [just like everything I ordered].
The draw to it [if you haven't guessed already] is the
westie fabric.  It's designed as a big quilt so 
I'm figuring I'll get 2 or 3 lap quilts from this one quilt kit.
 This is a table topper but I'll make it into a small quilt.
 I picked this kit because of the pattern plus
the even further reduction in price.
These are the other fabrics I ordered for $3.99/yard.
So all in all I didn't order a lot of fabric but it sure took
my mind off the dental pain for a short period of time.


  1. My dentist does a good job of numbing everything up when he does extractions. That doesn't make them any fun but at least you don't feel much until the Novocaine wears
    You deserved that fabric for all your pain and suffering. :)

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  3. Losing a tooth is never easy, but a dental professional certainly takes some of the sting out of the situation! Finding a dentist is hard but very important process to undertake. I hope that you were able to recuperate very quickly and love the choices of fabric for your newest project.

    Claudio Toledo @ Western Dental - Simi Valley Dentist