Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dinner at the Lighthouse

 On Tuesday night we went to try out the new Lighthouse Restaurant
in St. Michaels which as formally known as the Town Dock.
 Mr. Orange feet hung out in the grass by our table for
most of the time we were there.
 Our neighbor Scott [who doesn't like his photo taken] as
well as his wife Heidi joined us.

 I was impressed with the interior renovations the new owners
made.  I should have taken a few photo's of the inside but
I just didn't think about it.
 I ordered a Cesar salad to start with the crab cake as my entree.
 Fish Taco's
 Wilson ordered fish.

This is always a favorite time of year to enjoy the
waterfront area of St. Michaels.  Not a lot of tourists,
not a lot of boats blocking our view and not that much
traffic.  Tourist season will soon be upon us with the
start of Memorial Day.
... Wishing all a Happy Easter Bunny Day ...

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  1. Oh by that food looks good. Hope you have a happy Easter