Monday, April 3, 2017

Fish Lips

 Before we scroll down to see my fish lips blocks I just have to say 
I'm still in love with my big girl ironing board.  
Question ... Which one do you like better ...
The top with the pinwheels or the [one above] with the solid blocks?
 Fish Lip Blocks
This is one of the quilt kits I purchased from a site that was
going out of business.  The brightly colored fish are perfect
for a small child.
 Here are a few steps on how I made this block.  
The advantage of buying a kit like this is that all the fabric
is neatly pre-cut for your immediate sewing pleasure.
The photo above [this one] has a set of triangles sewn on opposite sides.
Then it was off to my big girl ironing board to press those seams
towards the blue and add two more of the same blue blocks 
to the other sides to complete step number 1.
The next step is to add another set of star fish fabric triangles
 in the same manner as the first.
Sewn and pressed open.  One more side to go.
A complete block.
Only 10 more blocks to complete.  I'll be placing a yellow sashing 
between the blocks ... so stay tuned for the final lap quilt. 

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