Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I'm Still Here!

 Yours truly hasn't been feeling the best since last week but
I'm getting better.  I'm blaming this sickness on Wilson because 
I think [actually I'm pretty darn sure] germs attached to me
in the two hospitals I spent time in with him.
 The pet food store gave me a few samples of kibble so I put
them on my desk until I can give to our neighbor [since I don't
feed my westies a kibble-based diet].  How in the world
Derby knew they were sitting there is beyond me.  

 Obsessed he became so I had to move the packages to a higher table.
He was ready to tear them open and have a little feast. That would
 have made a nice big mess in my sewing room not to mention
the intestinal distress that would cause him.
 Sarah {Wilson's daughter} and {Kaitlyn and Cole} will be spending
Thanksgiving with us.  I'm making the kids quilts for their bed.  
 This is for Kaitlyn.  I'm searching for just 2 yards of quality flannel
for pillowcases.  The stuff at JoAnn's is cheap so I may have
to order on line from Hancock of Paducah if I don't find 
anything in Lancaster next week.  My sister informed me that
she's going without me if I'm not better!

 I'm not sure if this is right for Cole.  I'll be looking around
for something else next week that has more of a Xmas
feel to the fabric.
 I made ten stuffed mini-terriers for the Little White Dog Rescue 
to sell at a holiday fair in December.  This rescue is in Omaha, NE.
 Taking advantage of Derby being my back drop.

 Who knows why he does what he does!
A few more terriers.  I'm out of stuffing so I'll be
watching JoAnn's for a sale.
Well, that's it for today.
Happy Fall


  1. Luv your lil stuffed terriers. And of course, da real ones too.

  2. That Derby is a corker! So cute! I hope you're feeling better, Katie! What are you feeding the Westies these days???

  3. Hope you feel better so your sister doesnt have to go to Lancaster alone

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