Monday, February 5, 2018

Westies + 3 Finished Quilts


 Wrapping up projects pre-vacation.  I'm glad to get these
 done and put away.  Still one more to finish before we go.

 This was made using leftover Unicorn Kisses fabric
with a little additional fabric from my stash.

 This little quilt is already added to a fund raising
 auction for Westie Rescue Orange County [California].
I hope it brings in a few $'s for the rescue cause.

 I wonder if they'll miss us while we're gone.
Julep watching the Puppy Bowl prior
to the Super Bowl start.  I still have one more
quilt to get finished before we go which is
pretty simple - just needs the binding added then
I can go on vacation with no UFO's hanging around.


  1. I wish I could get as much accomplished in a day as you do. That'll be a good feeling having all your projects done when you go on vacation. Then you can come home and start a whole bunch of new ones :)

  2. Pretty quilts! Finlay watches TV. He stops whatever he's doing whenever a commercial comes on, just like a human toddler. The Hallmark Channel has LOTS of commercials with dogs in them. Finlay doesn't like it at all! Mustang Sally watches TV but she just straight chills when she watches and doesn't bark at the TV!