Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Many Hands ...

 As they say ... 
many hands make a light work load

Four small quilt tops [with binding] will be headed to the
Bayside Quilters community Outreach group to finish
and distribute.  The many hands of the ladies who meet
each month makes for a light work load.
 This is a nice way to use scraps from various other projects.
 This pattern was the first one I made for Outreach. 
It's fun as well as fast.

... Worth A Chuckle ...
 You need to look at this one closely!

 ... An Old Photo ...
Liza {L} Katie {Me in the middle} Charlene {R}
. . . 
Here is a blast from the past - 1986 to be exact.
Liza found this old photo and thought I'd like a copy.
The three of us went on several cruise vacations
back in the day.  While I don't remember
much about them I do believe we had fun.

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