Saturday, April 13, 2019

Spring Blooms

 Weeping Red Bud Tree

 Japanese Maple and Daffodils
On a whim I purchased a box of roots from Lowe's and
it amazes me they made it in this soil.  Being year #3
for these I am hopeful we get more blooms than last year.
 The birdbath is out and our back yard is overrun with
blackbirds.  They have been attacking the sunflower seed
and even the socks of thistle seed.  Once this food is gone
that's it for bird feeding until fall.  I've read on Facebook
that hummingbirds have been spotted in Maryland
so it's time to clean the hummer feeders and make food.


 They follow me like a hawk as I walk around
the yard.
 By the front door.
Yes, the westies are watching me from the front door.
The viburnum plants [we have 3 of them] are covered with buds.
They will pop open with the next warm sunny day.
Oh and do they smell good.  It's like being inside of
a perfume bottle.


  1. We are loving that spring is here. Our staff just started with planting our flowers in the garden behind our office. You have such beautiful flowers blooming already. Good thing you have the two little ones there following you around. They are just too adorable. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. Hope we get good results like you are having. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals

  2. WOW, spring is in full bloom there. That weeping red bud tree is really pretty