Thursday, June 13, 2019

From The Wynn

Wynn Lobby
I'm posting a bunch of photo's from our walk around
the Wynn since we are leaving bright and early
in the morning.  It was so hot we didn't go out to see the pool.

Once upon a time I would have worn these shoes!

This rug should be re-printed in quilting fabric.
Fresh flowers at every turn.

Water Fall Show - every 30 minutes.
This is interesting.  If you look very carefully you
will see a little black dot close to the lighter part
of the blue screen.  That 'dot' is a statue of a man 
in the water.  The waterfall background changes color and
and is a very nice place to have cocktails.

A gold fish hanging sculpture at the
entrance of a restaurant.
The umbrella's slowly float up and down.
We had a quick dinner at Charlie's which is
right next to the slots.  We limited our gambling
to $20 apiece and we walked away with no winnings.
If flights go as scheduled we arrive back at BWI
at 7:30p.m. tomorrow evening ... the alarm is set
for 5:30a.m.  I'm going to need a vacation from
the vacation!

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  1. What a fabulous place to stay. Wade's daughter lived in LasVegas for a while and she would talk about how hot it was there.
    Have a safte trip home