Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Just Another Day in the Semi-Sick House

... Derby ...
Well, it's no surprise we are not feeling great.
Being on antibiotics the good news is that we are
coughing less and slowly making a turn for the better.
 Trying to work with the Xmas fabric I receive prior to our
trip. I would like to turn photo's in by the week end.

Derby doesn't care I'm on deadline.
 In the meantime ... Jennifer sent me two more big bundles of
fabric.  I have no idea what to do with this stack.  The other 
bundle was flannel ... that stack will be a combination of baby burp
 cloths and a simple small baby quilt. 
 TeePee for the Pee Pee
Jennifer [who sends me the free fabric] is expecting her first
child [a boy] in a few months.  I was poking around Pinterest
last night and found a pattern for a TeePee for the pee pee.
Basically, it's used in between taking off the soiled diaper
and putting on the new diaper so you don't get your 
clothing wet with pee pee.  For sure Pinterest never fails.
I'm also going to make her some mini-crib sheets 
[who knew there was mini-cribs?] from a pattern I
found on Pinterest as well.
I leave you with the question ... 
What shall I make with this collection?

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  1. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling up to par. Hope you're better soon.
    Pretty fabric but I haven't a clue what you could make.