Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Another Day in Duck

 Yesterday we had on and off rain.  Today the weather is cooler
but still very nice.  It was a low-key day with Wilson and I
going out to lunch leaving the westies in the rental.  After we came
back I walked the westies and headed back into Duck to do
a little shopping.
 Julep on my right and Derby on my left.
We're just hanging out at the long farm house table in the
breakfast area.  Wilson is doing an on-line chat with a group
of writers from around the world.  We'll be heading out
to dinner as soon as he's done.
Derby on my left.
I originally thought about taking photo's of the entire house
but thought my photo's wouldn't be any better then
the real estate companies.  If you are interested
in looking at the house use this link:

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