Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Catching Up on Things

 I turned my back for one second and look who 
decided to hop on my messy desk.  Then he was
afraid to jump down so I had to come to the rescue.
 The last set of matching quilts I donated to a westie rescue auction
made a nice amount for the cause.  As a personal thank
you to the winner I added this festive table runner.
 The process is slow but I started completing a few
 quilt tops I pieced together over the past months.

 This pattern is pretty simple so I gave it a try.

 The kitty-kitty quilt.  My sister is getting
this one to give as a gift.
Derby ... why are you in my way?
 Julep ... why are you in my way?
 The winter theme quilt Julep is laying on will be donated
to a rescue group in Omaha.  The other top is now finished
and was placed in the to be done stack.
The two bristle brush trees are new to my ever
growing tree collection.
By the way, my house is almost done being decorated
for Christmas.  The two pencil trees are up, the fireplace
mantel is done, the silver bells are polished and the
garland on the front porch is in place.  The last thing
on my list is to put up the big tree in the living room.
 Then there is a group in Florida that is having a buy it
now auction for the holidays so I donated 3 of each
table runner to them.
Table runners don't take long to make and it's such
a great way to use up those leftover pieces of fabric.

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  1. You are amazing with all the quilts and things you manage to put together. With all that sewing how do you find time to decorate your house too? :)