Monday, November 25, 2019

I've Been So Busy!

 With the holiday season upon us I've been so busy.
Our home is decorated inside and out and I'm
glad I did the outside decorating while the weather was warm
two weeks ago.
 I made "10 minute table runners" to have on hand as gifts.
It was a perfect way to use up one tub of Xmas fabric.
 If it's on the floor ... it belongs to the westies.

 I love how the runners turned out and wish I could keep them all.

A little story 
I donated a quilt similar to this to a westie rescue auction.
There was a little bidding war going on so I contacted
the loser and told her I would be happy to make her a quilt 
using the leftovers from the donated quilt.  She
would only agree if she could donate $125. to the
rescue group in my name. 
This is the quilt I made her which is more sophisticated 
and larger then the original one I added to the auction.

 She loves dog prints so I added this table runner to her box.
She lives in Lancaster, PA and teaches cookie
decorating.  Her cookies are amazing beautiful.
Occasionally I have flash give-a-ways on my Facebook westie
health site.  One lady who I picked never received my message
saying she won.   That was several months ago.  The message
finally got to her so since I gave away the original bib I made
her two new bibs and sent them as a surprise. They will
be given to her new grandson.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, look at all those table runners. You have been busy.
    How nice that there was a bidding war on your donated quilt. Even better that there was a second donation with the quilt you made for the lady who didn't win. I would say she made out better by losing the first