Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bayside Quilter's Yearly Sew-In

 Here are pictures taken yesterday at the yearly Sew-In
for the community Outreach portion of Bayside Quilters.
 This pattern is simple and very striking. 
I know when done it will be given to a Veteran.
 Kits which are pre-cut and ready to be sewn together.
 Chris [left] who is the fearless leader of Outreach.

 Several of the quilt tops with bindings that I made
were finished yesterday.  Here is one of them.
I'm not sure who did the quilting but if you look very
closely you will see she quilted a lizard pattern.
 Assembling a quilt top.
 I worked at this table stuffing and sewing closed
the small rectangular pillows for veterans.
 Sixty-five [65] ladies attended Sew-In.  That was
an excellent turn-out.
 Completed ... Veteran's pillows as well as
pillows for the breast center.  I did bring home
two kits to make veteran's pillows so I'll
have the size to make some from my leftover fabric.
 Completed project table.
 I'm not sure what the final count was of completed projects.
 Several ironing stations were placed around the room.
 Michelle doesn't like her photo taken so she 
hid behind a quilt.
The brown bag give-a-way was a nice way to express to
members how much they are appreciated.   I donated 20
bags of fabric and Chris pulled 10 names pre-lunch and
10 names post lunch.  Everyone had a nice day at 
Sew-in and much was accomplished.

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  1. There were a lot of busy ladies there. Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves too.