Friday, May 29, 2020

I Felt The Need

 I felt the need to order some sale fabric on-line.  It's been
a long time since I actually purchased fabric ... I felt the
need to help the economy just a little.
I don't know the name of the circle fabric but must say
I love this fabric!  It's hard to see in the photo but the golden
color is actually a metallic gold ... I want more!
 This order is a result of an e-mail sale alert from Zook's in
Lancaster, PA.  It's one of the stops my sister and I normally
make our way to while fabric hunting in Amish country.
 I always check out the cheapest price fabric first.  All this fabric
was marked to $3.99 per yard - for top quality.  I've been doing
this long enough to know which manufactures have 
quality fabrics and which do not.
The birds in this piece [as well as the one above] run
along both savage borders. I was thinking ... pillowcases.
 To justify buying this collection I thought placemats and
 napkins would be nice [that is] if we can ever entertain again.
Birds of a different color feather - I just liked it.
The gold flower print I was thinking would make a nice
quilt back fabric. 
 Wouldn't these make beautiful placemats?
 Fun and cute for the Christmas holidays.  I'm really trying
not to buy much Xmas fabric but it's so hard.
 This fabric I'm not sure what I'll make with it.  
Maybe a baby quilt for Outreach [?].
 I love Michael Miller fabrics and  I actually purchased 
4 yards of this!  I was thinking of pillowcases
for the twin {Charlotte & Ellie} for Xmas.  This one
also has the print on both sides of the salvage.  
Here is the entire stack and it's heavy!
$3.99 a yard is an excellent price with no sales tax
plus free shipping.  The way fabric has been flying out
of my sewing room with making placemats, napkins,
masks, and quilt tops for Outreach I'm surprised my
shelves are not empty!

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  1. $3.99 a yard is an excellent price. You got some great looking fabric. That 2nd fabric will make cute pillowcases.