Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Rag Letters, Tooth Fairy Pillows & a New Quilt Pattern

Rag Letters 
I sent a small package to Rebekah with a few more things
for sweet little Palmer.
 Palmer loves to read so I made some flat fish book marks.
 I haven't made a fish bag for a long time but wanted
Palmer to have one to carry his books in.
 Derby sitting in the hallway.

Production Sewing 
Finishing up the last of the Tooth Fairy Pillows for the 
little girls at The Child's Haven.
 Sewing the bottom closed after I stuffed with fiberfill.

 I did a post on Facebook showing the Tooth Fairy Pillows.
I received some very nice comments and a lot of Likes.  
Two FB friends mentioned they would love to have a pillow
and [of course] I said yes.   Ava lives in Kentucky.
 Jelly Roll Twist Quilt Pattern
I was in the mood to make this pattern so I pulled
a jelly roll off my shelf and started sewing.
Just the first 3 rows.   I have more blocks sitting on the 
ironing board waiting to be pressed. 
Not sure what will become of the finished top.
Bebe who is head of the Westie Foundation of America
ask me to make one pillow for Lane and one for Brylee.
I decided to make their names in rag letters as
an added little surprise.  The small package
was mailed to Texas today. 
Hopefully, I'll get to work on the Jelly Roll Twist
quilt tomorrow and whatever else pops across
my sewing machine.

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  1. You sure do keep that sewing machine busy. Everything looks great.