Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Lancaster: A Quick Trip & Pine Cone Lodge Flannel

My sister and I decided to take a quick trip to Lancaster for 
a little fabric shopping.
Another way of life.
In the buggy ... a little girl with her dad.
A field of sunflowers.
I didn't buy a lot of fabric which was very unusual for me.
What I did find and buy were several 'flat folds' of fabric for
$3.99 per yard.  There is no cutting a 'flat fold' so what's there
is what you have to purchase.  This was purchased mainly
for all the charity quilting I do.
Pine Cone Lodge 
Was my fabric from Jennifer this month.
It's a 2-ply flannel which is so much thicker and better 
than you will find in JoAnn's.
I only received a 1/2 yard cut so I made two lap quilts.

To view the Pine Cone Lodge collection please visit the
Henry Glass & Co., Inc website at:



  1. We have a lot of Amish that shop in the store I work at. I've always said that I would not like living that life at all.
    I absolutely LOVE the pine lodge fabric

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