Friday, May 3, 2013

A Quilt for Faye

Another quilt is ready to be mailed.
Pinwheels with Buttons ... A fun Quilt for Faye
Helen [Faye's mom] took time to show Faye all the fabric 
I had pictured on my blog from my last shopping
adventure to Pennsylvania.  I wanted her to pick out
the pieces she like for her quilt.
Faye picked some fun fabrics for me to work with.
Actually she chose some of my favorites, one being
 the crazy cupcake fabric.

The quilt is packed and the box is ready for
me to add the American Girl items.
I actually had this fabric in mind for the backing.
Faye picked this one out also.
I wanted to 'upgrade' Faye's surprise package so I
made her this pair of summer p.j.s for her 
American Girl doll and the matching robe [below].

With the leftover fabric I cut 2-1/2" blocks and made
her American Girl doll a quilt and the pillow [below]. 

Faye's mom [Helen] writes the blog Let's Create.
She sent me those adorable flowers I added to the
p.j. top {and well} everything else I just about make
because I love them so!
Please visit Helen to she what's she creating today at
A check and re-check of the box.
She knew she was getting a quilt but
had no idea what else was in the box. 
Isn't Faye the cutest most adorable little girl?
I feel happy when I make her smile.
Moving on to today's projects:
Finish hand sewing the binding on the vintage rose quilt
and then quilt the chicken quilt. 
Wait to see you this one!
Have A Great Day


  1. As always wonderful creations and we remembered those fabulous flowers and cards your friend made. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I like those pinwheels!

  3. thank you for everything, Katie. Your pictures came out so much better. I posted some pictures of Faye and the quilt on my blog.