Thursday, October 10, 2019

For Outreach & the Kid's Bazaar

 I thought Chris [who runs the Outreach portion of the guild]
could use a few simple generic holiday themed quilt tops.
I pulled my stash of odds and ends and made up 3 small
quilts for the ladies in Outreach to finish.
 The center of this quilt was done 2 years ago and it was
time to get out of my sewing room.  While those little 2-1/2"
squares are not perfectly sewn together it's good enough for a
child to enjoy and play on.  Outreach will finish it and pass on.
3 Holiday & 1 Generic Lap Quilt  
The use of more holiday odds and ends.
8 Baby Bibs
Two each of the same fabric/style/size.
Center of the bids have different fancy stitching.
. . .  
Chris put out a request to guild members to make a few
items to donate to a local school's holiday bazaar
in December.  I rose to that challenge and made
a bunch of cute items that I felt would sell.  
 3 Gnome Pillows
 6 Terrier Dogs
13 Sail Boats 
Since we live in a nautical area I thought little sail boats
would be a big hit.  These are so cute and easy to make. 
 8 Little Fish

 Christmas Bunnies
Who doesn't love Christmas bunnies?
 9 Bunnies 
 I made two non-holiday themed bunnies just in case
someone didn't want a holiday bunny.  I need to get
more bunny tails on my next visit to Hobby Lobby.
I had a lot of fun making all this stuff.  It's a nice break from
working on lap quilts but now I'm ready to start the log
cabin block kit I purchased from Jordon Fabric's.

The next project is to work on a large Christmas quilt that
needs to be quilted.  I plan on taking this with us to the
Outer Banks in November so I can hand sew on the binding.
While I normally don't hand sew bindings this is a nice way
to have some sewing time while on vacation without 
dragging my big heavy sewing machine.

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  1. So many wonderful things. You've got a lot to donate here. They should be pleased with everything you're sending