Saturday, April 11, 2020

Happy Easter

 Wishing you a 
Happy Easter Bunny Day
Hope you find lots of chocolate in your basket this year.
 Weather permitting we've been taking the westies for a
walk around the neighborhood.  It's nice to see neighbors
in their yards and the kids playing in the street.
 Julep ... ready for a walk.
 I pulled my portable design wall out of storage and secured
it to my metal shelves with wooden clothes pins.
I wanted to use up my leftover 2-1/2" pieces
of batik fabric so I came up with a 6" block design.
These are simple blocks to make and with the
design wall I can move around the blocks until I
like the position.  Plus the westies can't run through
my layout in order to re-organize it for me.  
Here is one of the small quilts I'm making for Outreach.
This one is on the smaller side but the others I will
be making will be more like 24" square.

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