Sunday, April 5, 2020

Spring Blooms & Birds

 Wilson and I did a little gardening today so I took a few
photo's of what's in bloom currently.
 Weeping Red Bud Tree

 In the fall we had our landscaper pull out the cherry tree that
was struggling and replace it with a bigger and healthier tree.
This is the first blooms on this double flower cherry tree.

 Thunderhead Pine ... was a tiny little twig of a thing
when we planted it several years ago.  The candles
[or new growth that are the tannish spikes] will get
about 10" long so it has a pretty healthy grow 
rate per year.
 Flowering Viburnum Shrub
 The spiced scent on these flowers can be overwhelming but
we love the smell and wish the flowers would last longer.
 Bleeding Hearts

 We have so many birds in our yard they can entertain you
all day long.  The yellow finches are starting to get their
bright yellow feathers.  These birds stay at our feeder
stack of thistle seed all year long.

 During the winter there would be thistle sack fights between
the yellow finches.  Once the seed I have is gone that's it
for the feeding until fall.  The blackbirds have taken over
the other feeders I have with sunflower seeds.  Now I realize
that every bird needs to eat but the blackbirds show no
shame in trying to hoard all the food for themselves.

 Flowering Columbine Plants
I purchased these as an impulse buy last year at Lowe's.
 Wilson, the Happy Gardner
He's working on the Wisteria Tree which grows like a
weed - no kidding.  If anyone is familiar with the wisteria 
vine this is basically the vine grafted onto a tree truck.
 We cut at least a good 20 feet [yes, that is correct] off
the branches throughout the year.  
Thanks for stopping in to catch up on my blog.
It seems we all have time to stop and smell the roses now.

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  1. Spring has really sprung in your neck of the woods. Everything looks so pretty. I need to get out in my yard and do some work.