Tuesday, July 14, 2020

And So The Story Goes . .

 When I was working my boss would fly to Puerto Rico on
business often ... and so the story goes ... that if I couldn't
upgrade his flight to first class he would kid me and say I'm
making him fly in the back of the bus with the chickens and
chicken coops.  To this day I can't look at a chicken with
out thinking of him.  I made this set of placemats, napkins
and table runner for his wife and daughter.  Walter passed
several years ago and I still keep in touch with his wife
as well as his daughter Lisa who live together in Texas.
 This set is going to Sarah {Wilson's daughter}.  I mailed all
the napkins and placemats yesterday.  She will be surprised.
Derby leaving his mark before I package all this up
for mailing.  He looks so cute with all the chickens around him.

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