Friday, February 26, 2021

Making Pillowcases & Easter Bunnies

Pillowcase Production Time
When I ordered this fabric I earmarked it for spring pillowcases.
Since spring is right around the corner it's time to get started
on the cases.  This fabric was so cheap [$2.99/yard] I ordered
a ton of it because it was such a good deal for excellent quality.  
Bunny Production Time
Chris gave me a few quilts to add the binding to which will
make them complete and ready to pass along.  These
are actually a some of the ones I made.   I love seeing them
come back to me quilted.  
More of the $2.99 pillowcase fabric.  The blue fabric will
be pillowcases as well.  I forgot how many yards there are
but it was a flat fold I ordered on line.
In between the pillowcases, bindings and bunnies I pulled together
the blocks for this quilt.  It's leftover fabric from other projects.
This is not the final layout.  Some blocks need to be moved
around to make it a little more balanced.
This year the bunnies will be 'rag bunnies' meaning no
inside seams just pinking scissor edged.  
I stuff about 5 a day.  After stuffing I glue on the tail and add
the ribbon around the neck. 
Yet more of this fabric ... the blue pattern is my favorite.  
I'm not sure how many I will make but it will be a stack!

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  1. Lots going on there. I love the fabric for the pillow cases. Doing rag bunnies will speed up the process a bit.