Thursday, April 15, 2021

"Here We Glow" by Henry Glass Fabrics


"Here We Glow"
by Henry Glass Fabrics ... is the 2nd collection of Halloween fabric 
I received.  So far I made 3 small quilts and there may be enough leftover
for a 4th one ... then there is the panel which I'm saving for last.

Progress shot ... of the blocks for the below quilt.

The layout on the right and also the one in the below
photo are two new patterns I had in my 'want to make' book.
The panel [I still have to work on] is in the upper left
hand corner of this photo.  It's sorta distorted and not cut
properly so I will need to trim it down.  I hate panels like this.
This fabric is so cool because it actually does glows in the dark.
I'm not sure I can get a decent photo of the 'glow' but will try.
Tooth Fairy Pillows
I'm off to the dentist today for a routine cleaning and thought I
would take them some tooth fairy pillows for fun.
They have a kids treasure chest by the check-out desk
so I thought maybe these could go in there.
A Facebook friend asked me to make her a quilt.  She has
cairn terriers and picked out this fabric from Spoonflower.
For those that don't know Spoonflower is a custom fabric
printing company.  The designs are totally unique and are
by independent artists.   There is no printed fabric sitting
on a shelf - it is 'print on demand' when they receive an order.  

This quilt will be super  simple and will start on it as 
soon as I finish with Halloween.  Since my friend is into 
dog agility competition she wanted a specific fabric 
for the back which I just ordered.  That should be here
by the end of the month.  


  1. What fun fabric for Halloween.
    that is so sweet of you to take those tooth fairy pillows to the dentist office. Little patients will love those

  2. Tooth Fairy Pillows what lucky children.
    Sweet William The Scot