Thursday, May 6, 2021

More From Around My Garden

On the brink of opening ... Peony
If you haven't noticed already I love taking photo's of 
flowers, birds, westies and quilts.  Sharing a few of the
lastest blooms from around my garden.

This is one of the new peony bushes we just planted.

From the wildflower patch we planted last year.

Bachelor's Button
This is the wild flower patch.  Everyday I walk the
line checking for new blooms.  Wilson mentioned that
some of the plants won't bloom until next year.
Painted Japanese Fern
I have a secret little bed right next to the porch with some
of my favorite plants.  I check on them everyday.
Sweet William {Dianthus}
Just starting to open.  These are from the wildflower seeds I
spread in the front bed last year.

Allium which I planted in the front last fall.
White Allium getting ready to bloom.

Well, that's it for today.  Hope you enjoyed a mini-tour of my garden.



  1. So pretty. You have a lot of the same flowers that my dad used to have in his garden. This brought back some memories for me.

  2. For some reason I think the Lily of the Valley seem more pungent this year.
    Sweet William The Scot