Wednesday, June 16, 2021

23rd Anniversary * Man vs. Quilt * Other News

Happy 23rd wedding anniversary to us!  We celebrated at the
Chart House in Annapolis with dinner and drinks.
Man vs. Quilt
I had the brilliant idea to take the "Keep it Reel" quilts with
us to photograph by the water in Annapolis.  I forgot about
a little thing called wind.  Did manage to get two decent
shots of two quilts but I'm going to re-take all the photo's
at the harbour in St. Michaels.
Bella Vita
This yacht was docked across from the Chart House.  I was curious who
the owner of this mega yacht [worth a cool $60million] was so I
looked it up.  If the internet is correct I believe it's owned by one 
of the biggest home builders in the US.
In the background is the US Naval Academy.
I haven't been there since I was a kid when my parents
took us for a tour.  I still have the anchor pin from that visit.
Going home ... crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
This is a bridge we avoid in the summer especially on the
weekends.  It takes vacationers to Ocean City, Maryland as
well as the beaches in Delaware.  On a Tuesday night we
sailed right over with no back-ups.
. . .
Other Notes:
Derby woke up limping so we are going to the vets this morning.
He won't put down his right front paw ... poor guy.
... plus ...
We are making the plunge to change our internet/phone/TV
provider from Direct TV/Verizon to Atlantic Broadband.
If you don't hear from me then you know everything got
screwed up in the transition.  I can't image this going
smoothly but my fingers are crossed!



  1. Happy anniversary. What a good sport your husband was to battle the wind to try and get those pictures with the quilt.
    Hope Derby is better soon.

  2. Happy Anniversary. Maybe for your 25th anniversary Wilson will get you a yacht! Praying for Derby.

  3. Happy anniversary, Y'all! Please keep us posted on little Derby's condition. I love my Westies, but I do think Derby has the cutest Westie face *ever*