Thursday, June 24, 2021

"Hello Fall" Collection by Henry Glass & Co.


The Derby ... what a handsome little guy who is 12 years old.
This collection is one that Scott sent me - just because.
It's a brand new line and should be in the stores now.
It's called "Hello Fall" by Henry Glass and was designed by
Hannah West who is actually a 4th year collage student.
Her mom owns a quilt shop so she is no stranger to
the fabric and quilting industry.
I wanted this top a little longer than the pattern called for.
It just seems it would be more usable that way.
Derby's new sleeping spot.  Under my cutting table which
means partly under my feet.
This is the size the pattern suggested - to me it's more like
a baby quilt then a usable adult quilt.

I've made this pattern before and instead of using a 
solid color 5" square center block I felt it would be more
fun to use the tossed fall items fabric.
A new pattern taken from my "I want to make" pile.
I'm still working on 2 more tops from this collection and
I may be able to get one more from the leftovers.

All the tops made from "Hello Fall" will be going to Chris
for Outreach to finish and pass along to those in need.

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